Wednesday, 7 September 2011

*Draw Closed* Who's is that cat? Name the cat and win 50% off any item in Tremblerose, Shackles & Chains

**Draw closed**Name the cat and win 50% off any item in Tremblerose, Shackles & Chains

This cat keep popping up... I wonder who's cat it is... Look its frowning... Do Cats Frown...? Who knows... Anyway please reply to this post to give this cat a name.  I will write all the names down and I will draw one of the names from a tumbler to name this cat.  I am sure this cat is frowning ah well most likely be hungry.  So reply and the winner of the name drawn will get 50% off any item in my store.
I will do the draw on the 30st of September.

Names to date:
Mister Pumpkin Head - Drapersdangles
Figaro - Baban Cat
Tibbles - Brush Strokes
O'Brian - ImaginaryBee
D'Claude - Surina
Garfield - Sabrina
Sid - Lisa
Morris - Brenda


Anonymous said...

I hereby dub this cat, Mister Pumpkin Head!
<3 Drapers Dangles
-Sarah Draper

Will Share on FB!

Baban Cat said...

He's a cute but worried cat. My last cat Tigerlily had a permanent frown but then she was a miserable cat.
I'd name him Figaro just to burst into song when he's called. That will make him smile!

Brush Strokes said...

I going with Tibbles!
Thank you for following my new Blog. I adore your jewellery!
Jemma x

Anonymous said...

He looks like a Garfield to me.

Ribbons & Bows Hair Accessories

Surina said...
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Surina said...

I had a buttery cat a long time ago. He only frowned for about three days after a visit to the vet. It was for the same reason that I am dubbig this pretty kitty as D. Claude Cat~

Surina x

Anonymous said...

I think he is unhappy for the same reason I dub this cat as D. Claude Cat.

Surina x

ImaginaryBee said...

I will Go With "O'Brian" As he has the same color hair as my son lol, Who is part Irish:) Plus with the hazel eyes :)

brendasmetjewelry said...

I think Morris would be a good name. Very uncommon cat name.

Lisa said...

lol I will go with Sid, just because its random!

Lisa x