Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Item listed

This ring I created by just playing around. It's a cluster ring in a size 7(us) and O(UK). There is only one of its kind. Each ring will be unalike from the picture every time... Different stone and colour and shape though it will still have the cluster and the seed beads. Can only look enriched rigorous as I have found the more I make of one item each one looks better than the last. Any way I should talk more about the ring on exhibit here. Yes, Purple shell chippings with various coloured seedbeeds zipping around the cluster. The Band is made of Silver plated copper wire.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

UK Handmade slide show of my creations

Find more photos like this on UK Handmade

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I have just joined UKHandmade

I have joined a website today to help me get promoted with my jewellery in the UK, Please check it out my Members Page

Monday, 22 August 2011

50th member of Jewellery shops in Etsy teams.

My Etsy team Jewellery Shops has reached its 50th member... hurray for me. I have celebrated by making two Treasuries from the items of my members. See below.

If you have a jewellery shop in Etsy or a supplies shop for jewellery crafting please join us

Item update

Ok Final peice of Polymer is moulded on to the item. Its all hand moulded by the way, smoothed with a glass tumbler.  Well less about my technique. Its in the oven baking as we speak and should be ready as from 25 minutes of me saying this "THIS" ok clock watching have to go see you soon and keep guessing.

Im in the process of crafting a new item.

I'm in the process of crafting a new item soon.  This item is taking some time as it has several processes of it.  It involves wire wrapping and polymer clay.  It resembles a symbol of oriental significance. I have always like the symbol. I will be listing it soon as it is completed in Etsy and I will be placing on display here.  I will leave you guessing for now.  Watch this space :D