Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Items added

People are really looking through my product, thank you if it si you... Its nice to see traffic. I will celebrate when I make my first sale... Please take a look at my new items. Green dice earrings White Dice earrings Polymer earings and Necklace set

Hardly here

Friends, I wont be here as much over the next part of the week.  I will be working. I do hope to update you soon. keep cheerful and enjoy the weather where ever you are.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sad news about my Ebay store.

My store at Ebay is so quiet I am sorry I will be closing in in two days time.  I will be just concentrating on selling my items through Etsy from now on.  Etsy just focuses on vintage, Handmade items... So its the perfect site for me.  Please take a look you will find many links in my blog I will also link in this post in case.

Dont forget to call in to my Etsy shop even if its for a look around.

SHACKLES & CHAINS...Click title above.

A Day off

Well  today I have no work.  I might get some jewellery made and post it on Etsy or I might watch a little TV, or I could even takes the dogs for a walk.  I dunno yet, I shall see where the day take me. I normally attend a workshop in my little town but I don't desire the knowledge to make such things... I have been saying for some time that I am going to make another tree of life pendant.  I also thinking of making some furry dice earrings, but they are not furry really, they just resemble those that hang in the car.

Well right now I am sat at my comp drinking a cup of coffee. I have only been awake 10 minutes... maybe 15. *shrug* I dunno... Ah well The days are too short and I will be back at work again tomorrow. So I better make the most of today... not off again till Monday. Speak later, and watch this space for new jewellery items. By the way this is not my cat. Just thought I would put it there to brighten the blog up. *shrug*.