Monday, 3 October 2011

Newly listed

I have been testing this new medium out and it passes with flying colors. Aluminium as we British call it, I think US people call it Aluminum. Only a slight change or lettering but the same metal all the same. This metal is light weight and is great for those sensitive to some alloys out there. I am sensitive to most metals, normally I can only wear gold and silver, I wore these earrings for two weeks now and I have even slept in them. They are great, my ears didn't go sore once.

Well anyway, what you see in this listing is a pair of handmade Spiral earrings made totally out of Aluminum metal. I have textured the wire so it has a lovely sparkle you can see the texture well in the main photo of this listing. Even the ear hoops are made of aluminum. You cant have the earrings shown in the picture as they have been worn, but I will produce another pair just for you when an order has been placed.
The diameter of the spiral of these earrings are approx 2cm's

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